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Multi-Surface Acryl

Paint Markers

When it comes to art supplies and craft supplies for children, how do you deal with the mess that often ensues? At Hayroo, we’re focused on helping families come together through the processes of making, doing, and creating. Our Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint Markers are just what the doctor ordered to help you do just that!

This set of 12 vibrant colored paint pens include all of the important colors to help your children or your creative friend or family member watch a work of art unfold right before their eyes!


These acrylic paint pens can be used on nearly any surface, including paper, canvas, glass, metal, wood, plastic, stone, concrete, leather, fabric, and so much more! Their durability and versatility make this paint pen set a must have for anyone interested in arts and crafts.

Professional enough for the practicing artist, but basic enough for the once-in-a-while creative project – Hayroo has everything that you need to get your creative mind pumping and working harder than ever before.

Our acrylic paint pens are 100% safe, non-toxic, and easily washable, so that you never have to worry about a mess! With a feature like that, what’s not to love?