Our Process

Spend more quality

Hayroo is owned and operated by two brothers, David and James. For these two loving brothers, they founded Hayroo as a means to spend more quality time with their children. In addition, they looked for new ways to help develop the creative side of their family’s bond, and from there, Hayroo was built!

Family-owned enterprise

Today, we’re proud to call ourselves a family-owned business because we believe that our process and our approach is the very epitome of a family-owned enterprise – and more importantly, because our entire family are involved!

Chance to Test

Together, our children, Danny, Rosie, Hayden, and Riley work together to help us select and develop new and exciting products that we can use for Hayroo. For us, seeing the excitement and enthusiasm on their faces when they get the chance to test out our new products is what keeps us energized to do what we do, because we want to help families all over the world spread love, joy, and creativity each and every day.

We call this process the “Hayroo Durability Test.” Together with our children, we test each and every product for defects, flaws in construction or design, and overall enjoyment – and for us, we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Sold on Amazon

In order to ensure the utmost accessibility, availability, and convenience for our products, we’ve worked to develop
our Amazon store, so that our customers can reap all of the tremendous benefits that this retail giant has to offer,
including affordability, subscription services, and fast shipping!