Beyond the fun finished products and the messy paint spills, crafting carries more benefits than you probably realize. Especially for children, as they grow and explore their creative instincts, crafting is a fun expressive outlet, positioned in a way that is important for building self-esteem and self-confidence.

Although more and more kids are choosing to sit on their electronics every day, we’re going to make the case for arts and crafts. Why should you care so much about this hands-on activity for your kids?

Here are just a few reasons to take note:

  • Self-Confidence:
    Studies have shown that children are lacking in self-confidence today more than ever, thanks to the rise of technology and the constant comparisons made on social media. Self-confidence is the root of everything they will go on to do in life, which is why they need to feel good about themselves. Completing crafts and staring back at a finished product will provide them with a sense of self-satisfaction and confidence that they can go out there and accomplish anything.
  • Motor Skills & Dexterity:
    Children are still developing their motor skills and reaction times as they age into their teen years, which is why it’s beneficial to engage in a hands-on activity that helps them refine their eye-to-hand skill-set. This dexterity will make it easier for them to write and craft, as well as do activities like program, perform surgery, and so forth as they age into their professional years.
  • Creative Expression:
    Many kids today are never even given the opportunity to express themselves creatively. They are lacking in something so important for their personal happiness and self discovery. With crafts, there are no rules or regulations; kids are free to have fun and do what they want. They can explore their innate creativity and really get in touch with what makes them happy.
  • Socialization:
    Crafting is a great way to get kids chatting with other kids, even if they are painfully shy. Hosting a crafting event for your kids and their classmates will bring them together as they talk about the crafts, materials, and finished products. It’s an easy way to create a common interest so that the more introverted children can develop bonds with their classmates.

Childhood Expression
If you want your kid to feel more comfortable expressing themselves and owning their personal tastes and talents, then hand them a paint brush and some clay tonight. Let their creative side take over as they explore parts of their brain that can go dormant for periods at a time.

In the mean-time, here at Hayroo, we’re happy to provide you with access to high quality crafting materials that won’t impede your child’s ability to arrive at a finished project. What could be better than that?


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