After much anticipation and planning, we are so excited to be finally launching our website, product listings, and of course, the Hayroo blog! We are incredibly passionate about what we do here at Hayroo, which is why we want all consumers, readers, and blog advocates to follow along with our updates, latest products, and arts and crafts ideas that you can take home with you.

We believe that it is just as much our responsibility to impart education and information to you as it is to create high quality arts and crafts materials that bring your ideas and dreams to life. You can count on everything from crafting tips and seasonal ideas, to in-depth analysis as to why artistic and creative expression is so important for kids and families as a whole today.

Here are just a few things you can expect by subscribing to our original blogs:

  • Craft Ideas and Directions: Sometimes, it can be hard to think up completely new crafts that aren’t “been there, done that.” With this blog, we’ll constantly share crafting ideas for you to consider with the whole family. We also take great care to suggest crafts that are easy to do, and completely doable with the products we sell directly through our website platform.
  • Product Release Announcement: We’re never content with the status quo, which is why we are constantly designing and releasing new craft products. We believe our arts and crafts store is all that stands between you and your greatest creation. Therefore, we will keep you abreast on the latest arts and crafts releases here on Hayroo.
  • Arts and Crafts Education: There can be a steep barrier to entry when it comes to arts and crafts education. You might find yourself frequently saying, “am I doing this right?” “Am I going to destroy this art utensil?” Know that you are not alone. That’s why we’ll provide educational materials so you can get started on a brand new craft, right at home.
  • Family Activities: You know it can be hard to keep everyone happy and content in your family today. That’s why we will release family-friendly activity guides that are sure to keep everyone happy. With craft suggestions and quirky tips that will even keep your teenagers enamored, we help you manage your family with our arts and crafts supplies.

Of course, you can count on us to cover the latest industry news and announcements, new craft ideas and suggestions, new crafting materials, and everything in-between.

And don’t forget – we want to hear from YOU! We want our Hayroo platform to be a collaborative crafting haven for all the interested artisans out there. If you have a suggestion, or want to share a photo of what you made with our arts and crafts supplies, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team!

Welcome to the Hayroo blog!

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