After months of sitting inside, cooped up with nowhere to go as the cold winter wind howled at our backs, summer is finally on the horizon. Everyone is feeling excited by the warmer weather, long days, and warm summer breezes that make us want to sit out back with a lemonade in our hands. It’s the perfect opportunity to lay out some crafts and get to work with your creative expression, creating projects as testimony to the summer season.

Forget about those Christmas ornaments and holiday projects; here are our top picks for summer-inspired crafts to try this month:

  • Summer Wine Glasses:
    Did you know it’s easier than ever to simply paint a wine glass you are going to use for rosé in the sun this weekend? Grab some cheap wine glasses off of Amazon and start painting them! Add in blues, greens, whites, pinks, purple, and white together, mixing everything for a beach-inspired scene. If you really want to get jazzy, try dipping the tops of the wine glasses into a glass of paint and let the paint drip down the sides of the glass for a pure artistic demonstration.
  • Painted Potters:
    Whether you want to use the pots for plants, or something more creative, like utensils or snacks in your kitchen, nothing is more summer-themed than potters strewn about your home. Simply sit down and add on patterns to your pots, or completely paint them a new color so that they look purely summery. Try stacking them together in 3s, with blues, yellows, and greens used to really add in that summer appeal.
  • Whicker Basket Stacking:
    Grab some discounted whicker baskets and get to work painting them fun, pastel, and whimsical colors. Stack them together in your home, or consider placing some kind of metal structure on your ceiling from which you can hang the baskets. You can also hang them outside on a singular string as they dangle in the wind, adding a rustic element that is genuine and adorable.
  • Painted Twig Bouquet:
    This is a great craft if you are on a budget. All you need is a mason jar, some paint, and some brushes, which you can get through us here at Hayroo. Go out into the woods and find some medium length twigs without bark or dirt on them. Bring them home, clean them, and dry them. Start to paint crazy colors and patterns all over the sticks until they are completely covered. Stack 15-20 of them in the mason jar, and voila, you have an artistic display ready for viewing anywhere around your home.

As you ponder your summer crafting options, be sure to check our Hayroo arts and crafts online supply store for top quality paints, paint brushes, and other essential crafting materials. Once you’re stocked up and ready, go-to-town expressing yourself with a summery flair.


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