Summer is a time to relax and have fun. But, what really makes summer fun are the activities you engage in, not just the fact that it is a time to do so. Kids love to play out in summer; it is one of the most enjoyable holidays for them. They see it as an opportunity to have a fun time with their friends. How much fun you have in summer time is determined by you. You can bring out the best out of summer holidays by creating beautiful crafts for the kids. You need to shape that out yourself and try as much as possible to make this coming summer better than the previous ones. Summer fun can be achieved with little effort and awesome creativity.

One of the secrets to having a wonderful summer better than the previous ones you’ve had is trying out summer craft, or learning new creative ideas to make your summer great. As the weather begins to warm up, you could have been thinking of things you can do to make this summer really fun. Well, all that is about to be over, as you are about to learn some interesting and amazing summer craft ideas that will spice up your summer in a new way.

You can add some magic trick to summer for your kids to have exciting and endless fun days. Crafts are part of summer; they help you to keep the kids busy. We have created a list of exciting and easy summer crafts that you can easily use to spice some fun this summer. You should be trying out these summer crafts to unite a familySurf on!

Paper Popsicle Craft

Summer Craft Ideas

Kids love to get creative; you can use that yearning to get them to work on paper popsicle this summer. Paper Popsicle with a color pop is a great craft for summer, and they can pass for lovely handmade cards. Paper popsicle can be made into different shapes and designs. You can make them into an airplane, flowers, animals, stick popsicle, and a lot more.

A popsicle stick airplane can be made with different sizes of popsicle and a wooden clothespin. They can do some color works on the plane parts before joining with glue. Airplane popsicles are great for Summer birthday parties or kiddies’ get together. Get the kids busy all day with an airplane popsicle.

Smiley popsicle is another beautiful craft for Summer. Get the kids to design their favorite smileys on round popsicles. The materials are very easy. All you need to achieve a smiley popsicle is a cut out round popsicle, color yellow, black, and red to create a color pop.

Colorful Marbled Plate Butterflies

There is no doubt that kids love butterflies. They usually get intrigued by this flying creature. Making one for themselves will make them have a summer to remember and anticipate. This craft is easy to achieve; you only have to make use of a few things including shaving cream and paint to make colorful marbled paper plate butterflies. Get your marbled paper plates and dry them. After drying, make a few simple cuts to create the butterfly wings. Get your basic craft items like markers, stick, googly eyes, craft sticks, glue gun and scissors to finish the look. The colorful marbled paper plate butterfly is super easy and fun to create.

Twirling Ladybug

Twirling ladybugs are a fantastic summer project. They are a perfect decoration for a summer party. Get the kids together to create beautiful ladybugs for their friend’s birthday party. Ladybugs are easy to make; all you need to do is get the necessary materials which are just a few. You will be needing paper, get the kids to cut the paper into circles, you may also need a pair of googly eyes for each ladybug.

Ladybug is made from two paper cut as circles. The papers are then made to intersect at the middle. Apply a little paint on the paper and get a black color to add details. Add the pair of googly eyes, and you have your beautiful paper ladybug.

Sunshine And Rainbow Paper Craft

This is a delightful way to depict the weather in summer. This is the best craft option for the Summer weather design project. Kids can depict the summer sun just as it is with their own hands. It can serve as a decoration for your home entrance, especially on cloudy days. With just a few materials, you can have the sun smiling at you. Cut paper to go a semi-circle and paint to represent the sun. For the rainbow, cut colorful paper in a long length and attach to the sun.

Cotton balls can pass for clouds. Get some rice and dye to blue using food dye and vinegar. This can represent drops of rain. Isn’t it beautiful to represent weather in these highly easy steps?

Dye Tee Shirt

Parents love summer because it’s a good time for kids to learn something new. A dye tee shirt is a perfect idea of what to learn during the summer holiday. Dye tee shirt combines experiment and craft projects to form a colorful design. This craft allows kids to learn color mixtures. They get to learn how to mix primary colors together to form secondary colors. Get the kids to create a beautiful dye shirt using color red, blue, and yellow markers, white t-shirt, plate, bowl, eye droppers, an embroidery hoop, and 70% Isopropyl rubbing alcohol.

Squirt Gun Painting

This is a mixture of fun and craft. You can get your kids to anticipate summer with this thrilling craft idea. Get a squirt gun for the kids. Get them to fill the squirt guns and water speakers with colors. They can now start shooting at a watercolor paper. This will turn out to be a unique piece of painting.

The squirt gun painting is one of the easiest summer craft to create. You don’t need many materials. The basic things are the gun, watercolors, and a watercolor paper. Then, you can get the kids to fire.

These summer crafts ideas are a great way to say goodbye to a boring summer.

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