Fashion is portrayed as something really important and cannot be overlooked. Being creative involves a lot and must comprise of thinking and putting those thoughts into action. The world of fashion creation is expanding daily, and people are looking for opportunities to make the best of their fashion skills. In as much as they are many fashion designers around the world, your chances of being the best lies in your palm.

If you are planning on giving fashion a start, I recommend doing some experiments with some easy Sewing Patterns For amateurs or beginners. This pattern will increase your understanding of how to create garments for people. By choosing different sewing patterns for beginners, you can be assured that you kick off with the basics and will not be thrown in at the deep end.

While you may be trying hard to learn some of this basics, you might get frustrated. This cannot really be avoided. Frustration when mixed will definitely provide a terrible outcome. We might tend to give up in such cases. For you to be disciplined, you must prepare yourself for all kinds of challenges and be ready to overcome them no matter the form they take.

Sewing Patterns Brands

Sewing Patterns Brands

Presently there are numerous pattern brand’s that offer a number of different styles, skill levels, and sizes. The popular 4 pattern brands are

  • Vogue patterns
  • McCall
  • Simplicity
  • Butterick

Also, there are some developing number of little indie designer’s across the world releasing their own patterns over the internet. Most of the mainstream organizations tend to offer an exact style with a recent season look books made available to view and make orders. They contain some heavyweight patterns in them, but I feel that these are less fashionable or even stylish.

Personally, unlike mainstream companies, I feel that yet indies released better patterns in their style and design. Some of their designs come from designers like myself looking to increase their profit with quality products.

Top 5 Easy Beginners Sewing Patterns

Top 5 Easy Beginners Sewing Patterns

My aim is to educate you on how to design stylish fashion pieces. I will like to offer you something unique and different.

1. The Wendy Wards no pattern T-shirt
This pattern is a very easy and simple no pattern dress or T-shirt. Fab Wendy ward originally designed this pattern. A piece of information is provided on the quantity of knit fabric that may be needed, and some few photo’s and diagrams are shown how to sew it. Before you can use a knit fabric for this, you must be comfortable.

2. Polly Top: By Hand London
Most people like the By Hand London pattern as they are proven to be very simple. Their top is easy and has a unique front panel. It gives a more fitted look and removes any need for bust darts. This pattern can be easily downloaded from their site.

This is another existing pattern for comfortable PJ PANTS. Their 2016 trend for wearing silky pants while going out makes it more fashionable. The trousers are very easy to sew especially when you have the right pattern to use.

4. The simple sewing magazines: Quick kimono top
This pattern has been trending for long. It is very easy and simple to sew and has laid down instructions that can be followed. It is completely free.

5. Drapey Knit Dress
This dress is not as easy as the others as it has some pockets and no stated instruction to follow. It is gotten from the Great British sewing bee. While dressing, it will bring a unique shape and if possible should be used with a wooden fabric and not a knit so as to get a clearer picture of how it comes out.

What to consider when looking for an Easy Sewing Pattern.

What to consider when looking for an Easy Sewing Pattern

The very first thing to consider when looking for an easy sewing pattern is simplicity.

Can it be easily read?

It is very important to use a pattern that is well paid out. This is necessary to make your pattern readable. If you find it hard to read the pattern, you will end up making mistakes which will make you frustrated.

Any available information on the sizing?

  • Patterns are normally ‘graded’ for different sizes. This will make it easier for you to locate your size.
  • The back of the pattern packet is the best place to get any information you may need. In some cases, it is available in the ‘more information’ tab when purchasing PDFs.
  • By making use of your measurement, you can check the available pattern sizes. If it covers your size, then you can consider buying.

Does it tell you of the fabric and took required?

  • It is normal for patterns to recommend the fabric type that may work better.
  • They also show you the amount of fabric yardage that will be required. This requirement is based on the size that you will want to make.
  • In general, patterns do not show you the tools that may be needed. Once you are uncertain about the sewing tools, it is better to carry out research.

Is The Pattern Well Marked?

  • Markings of the pattern are the single most vital things to be given attention.
  • Notches are good marching points. They assist you to connect different pieces correctly like that of a jigsaw.
  • If you are confused about where to place the pattern piece, grain lines can be a very helpful guide. You will no longer be confused as you will know the best place to place the pattern piece on the fabric.
  • If you are eager to know the number of pieces that need to be cut, the cut number can help you do that.

Do you fully understand the markings used?

  • Is there an existing guide on the pattern explaining what the different pattern mean?
  • When you look at the markings, does it feel ‘easy’?

There are numerous patterns to consider out there. Searching for all of them will take forever. Make sure you go for a stylish and unique beginner sewing pattern.

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