A technique or art of preserving, arranging and presenting personal information such as a photo album, artwork, family picture or hallmark events that occurred at a time in your life is referred to as scrapbooking. Scrapbooking can be used to keep certain records; it gives way to preserving memories that occurred during one’s lifetime.

There are a few basic things needed in making a scrapbook:


Choosing an album can be quite tedious, one has to consider various factors like if you want the pages to be enough for constant reminder over the years or a highlight of specific events, do you want the album to be in large or small sizes in other to contain larger photos for journalism or smaller photos? Your answer will help determine your choice.


The size of a scrapbook is determined by the individuals’ choice; however, one has to consider the space and materials needed.


They are made out of plastic and are used to keep the pictures in place as soon as the album is opened, it can also be used to protect pictures from dirt or moisture.


They are permanently attached to each picture; they are good for albums that are themed or is based on a topic.


The rings have to break apart in other to insert or remove a page into an album.


These threaded bolts have flexibility enough to and or rearrange pictures, and are also good for binding pages together.

2. Page protectors

They are used in protecting the overall pages of the album to keep them clean and presentable. Page protectors fit usually fits into three-ring and post-bound binders.

3. Paper

Papers are used to fill in the album; paper can come in single or multiple sheets. They can also come to various color, designs, and sizes.

Liquid adhesives

They can be used to attach multiple papers together, due to mistake or design, adhesives come in bottles, stick or pen, it is best to test an adhesive on a sample paper before actually using it because may lead to wrinkles on the paper.

Patterned paper

Using patterned paper can make an impact on journals; they are exciting for creating cool backgrounds or giving a page a theme.

Card stock

Card stocks are sturdy papers that are mainly used backgrounds, tearing or paper piercing.

4. Cutting tools

They are essential when it comes to areas of trimming off.

Decorative-edged scissors

They are good for creating a nice cut around the edges; it is also used on photos or paper for cropping areas out.

Paper trimmers

They usually come two sizes:

a. Small, lightweight trimmers: they mostly come in handy when you carry your scrapbook along with you.
Larger trimmers: They are nicely used to cut out large sheets or card stock.

b. Craft and swivel knives

They are used when trying to make small and delicate cuts on a paper; they have the ability to cut around curves with its rotating blade. It is important to use a healing mat for protection for tabletops.

5. Adhesives

It is necessary to pick adhesives that are not harmful to your scrapbook; they can come in different forms like aerosols to liquid pen. They might either be permanent or temporary.

6. Writing tools

Instead of using an acid pen on your scrapbook, it is safe to get a fade-resistant, waterproof and odorless pen. Get a pen that won’t stain your scrapbook, and if you can’t find such pa en a regular pen with similar effect will do great. The finest writing tools are listed below:

Gel pen

These pens are perfect for journals, to show detail in decoration, they can also come in various colors.

Colored pencil

These pencils are used when needed to highlight any lettering or decoration; a blender can be used when trying to smoothen lines, which is clear and odorless.

7. Photos

The main purpose of scrapbooking is for the photos you will be taking with your cameras. After all, the photos are the center of attraction of the scrapbook, when trying to get a layout, it is best to keep your photos well organized. When trying to get a layout, you must try to:

Visualize the end from the beginning

Everything falls from how you want your album to portray. Do you want the album to be about you or your family and friends? Do you want the scrapbook to be focused on hallmark events? This is some questions you need to ask yourself before sorting your photos.

Sort and save it

You can start by taking each photo and storing them numerically, alphabetically, by date, person or event. Try to mark the year at the back of a photo. You can also store them in cool temperature, in other to avoid moisture in extreme temperature.

Designing a page

1. When designing a page certain things are meant to be done.
Arrange your folders and select a concept
Keep in mind that not all photos must be scrapbooked but only the important ones that present the best feeling or emotion,

2. Create a title
A title shows a sign of the whole layout; it’s good to take your time in capturing the perfect outline, its best to keep it simple, to avoid picking the title and later the photos doesn’t suit the title.

3. Maintain a focus point
The focus point is what catches the attention of the viewer before any other thing; there could be certain things that cause it like, a large photo, a unique image, a photo sprayed with glitter.

4. Create Balance
It is best you separate bright and colorful photos from heavier photos, also try to make sure one image doesn’t overpower the other, so as to create a photo balance.

Color basics

The main importance of colors is to lighten or darken the mood of an individual, adding the right basics will help capture the perfect image for the audience, with colors less can require more, and more can require less.

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