The art of painting fine models has been a routine for most individuals. Some of these models are likened to a never-ending process as you never get tired of painting them. For you to get the accuracy while painting miniature models, constant time and practice is needed. The more you practice, the more you get better at it. In the past, most experts have narrated that due to trying various methods and learning of recent things, it has made them better and has taken their painting to the next level.

For someone who plans to start painting miniature models, it is advisable to always have patience. Generally for you to become better at painting miniature models, a lot of training is needed. It really takes time to master this art. You will get better at every single model that you paint.

Using proper color schemes to make your model look better

Normally, making use of colors while painting is something that shouldn’t be difficult to understand. There is something known as the color theory which is a serving rule that explains what looks good and what doesn’t. The truth is you really do not need to learn all the color theory while painting as there are other ways around it.

  • Citadel App
    By making use of the citadel paint App, it can help you increase your painting techniques. It can also assist you in selecting colors to use for your model painting. Every color schemes are made available, and overall it is free.
  • Trail and Error
    Fine Detail painting involves making use of different colors and selecting the best to see if it’s most befitting. Make sure you are happy with the colors used while painting.
  • Colour wheels
    You can make use of an online website that displays color schemes when gathering colors to mix together.
  • In learning how to properly use color schemes to make your model look better, the following factors should be considered

    1. View tutorials online
    There are numerous tutorials on methods, color mixing, techniques and other things that you can think of. Create a time and view some tutorials which are made available for learners. Make sure you follow it closely before you get going as you will learn some important tricks that may help you later on.

    2. Get a proper lamp
    Your living lamp or lights in your dining table might actually carry out a decent job; the truth is they are far from delivering the best for you. Before painting a fine model work, it is essential to set up your workspace in a complete manner so as to increase your chances of being very successful at your work.

    Getting a lamp that gives light closely within the range of sunlight. Good light with being around 5000 to 6000 Kelvin. Sometimes it is advisable to make use of an additional LED lamp. Using the two lamps can be truly beneficial as it will give you a better lighting effect from different angles. In such a situation you can be assured that shadows that come from the hand will be eliminated. Getting a proper lamp will reduce any mistake in your model painting.

    3. Try filing and cleaning your models
    Models like the miniature are created by using metal, resin or plastic in molds. In some cases, the molds are covered in a release agent as it makes it less difficult when planning to remove the miniature. You have to be very careful so as not to ruin the mold or of the miniature. While you may want to remove any of the release agents, it is vital to wash your models. Make use of warm water while bathing the model and ensure you scrub it thoroughly with a toothbrush. The water shouldn’t be hot as it may melt or bend some little parts of the model.

    4. Get an airbrush
    For you to paint a miniature model, it is important to get an airbrush. This airbrush can help paint basecoat, large areas, and prime. In a few cases, we may be expected to paint some models and time may not be on our side. By purchasing an airbrush, you can save time as the brush is very useful in small detail areas.

    5. Good ventilation
    To ensure your model is well painted, it is better to stay in a room that is well ventilated. Just like a bike rider riding a bike without a helmet, a painter should paint in a room where there is constant airflow.

    When painting tries using good rolls and new techniques as it will increase your chances of getting a better result. You can make use of effective methods to increase the important process and devote more time to places that are troubling you. It is very important to understand the highlighting and shading technique if you want to take your work to a higher level. Your work should be able to fool the viewer, and this can only be done by adding highlights and shades as it gives your paint model a lot of depth and more beautiful to the eye.

    The kind of tools you use must be proper. Some tools that can be used for fine detail painting include

    1. Wet palette
    This will help avoid any color dryness on the brush and the palette while painting. This little tool will help you save effort and time.

    2. Hobby still
    In cases relating to miniature models, this will help still out bores in the model gun.

    3. Xacto knife
    This is used to remove lines from mold in miniatures before you plan on painting.

    4. Files and clippers
    They are used to remove the components of the miniature from the sprue. They also help to smoothen the miniature surface after clipping.

    It is better to start off by doing little painting. The more you work, the better you become. While painting some of your models, make sure it’s something you enjoy and not forced to do.

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