While most parents would want to have a fun time with their young kids, understanding their method of playing has proven to be a big problem for them. If you are one of those parents that would love to bond more with your younger kids, this piece will offer you a number of paper craft ideas that you could all try out together. These papercraft ideas have been chosen simply because they are easy to make. This means that you do not get to spend all of your time trying to make one. Interestingly, these paper craft ideas are mess-free, meaning that you do not have to worry about thoroughly cleaning the apartment after every game day. The papercraft ideas include but are definitely not limited to these;

1. Paper Lanterns;

For a long time, this paper craft idea has been associated with a number of festivals that are popular in Japan and China. One of the most interesting things about this paper craft idea is that it is suitable for children of all ages and if your kids are way younger, you will need to supervise them as they carry out this project. You do not actually need much to kick-start this project. You’ll need to have colorful papers in different shapes and sizes along with glue or tape. If careful attention is paid, this project could be done in less than thirty minutes.

2. Love Heart;

What’s a better way to show your kids the importance of not just telling people you love them but also showing them than to make paper love hearts? To do this, you will have to make use of paper strips that have been patterned in a number of colors. To make things interesting, you can decide to make use of colored papers and have your kids give these paper hearts to those they love. Also, this paper craft idea is easy to complete and clean out. After making this heart, you can glue them together to make a heart wreath.

3. Marble Run;

To do this, you have to make use of cardboard tubes in order to come up with different sizes, shapes, and levels for the marble run. You can also decide to make use of tubes from kitchen tables, wrapping paper, and even toilet paper. One of the interesting things about this craft idea is that it is quite easy to make and can be easily cleaned out.

4. Racing Cars;

This is actually one of the cutest paper craft ideas you can try out. You could make these racing car with toilet papers and cardboard. To make it appealing to the eyes, you could decide to make use of colored papers and cardboards. It is quite easy to make; you just need to have scissors, glue, and paper.

5. Glass Kites;

One of the most interesting things about this paper craft idea is that it is incredibly beautiful and would definitely catch the eye of anyone that sees it. To get started on this project, you simply need to have tissue papers and also colors. Once this papercraft is completed, you could have them hanged on your window. This will help compliment your home.

6. Paper Bracelets;

This is actually the perfect way to have your artwork up-cycled. You can make use of old paintings and colors to make this beautiful and bespoke bracelet. If you are one of those that have artwork piled or pinned to your refrigerator, this could be the right time to repurpose them. To kick-start this project, you will need to have; paintings, cardboard or toilet paper, and old artworks. If you do not have artworks that you could spare for this paper project, you simply have to make use of papers.

To make things more interesting, you could decide to ditch bracelets and make big crowns instead.

7. Paper Caterpillar;

To get started with this project, you will need to have in your possession construction papers that have been glued or taped together. Once you have this, you simply need to decorate and add eyes and a smile, and you have your paper caterpillar. If, on the other hand, you do not have construction papers, you can make use of cardboard. With cardboard, you simply have to cut and glue each part until the chain caterpillar is made.

8. Paper Minions;

With your toilet paper, glue, and color, you can make paper minions in less than no time. Making this papercraft may seem tricky initially, but if you understand it, it is quite easy to make.

9. Paper Weaving;

Paper weaving is not just a mess-free paper craft idea that kids and adults would enjoy making; it happens to be an impressive fine motor skills activity. It is an ideal way for you to take the paper craft to a whole new level. To get started, you will need to have colored cardboards. If for any reason, you cannot lay your hands on colored cardboards, it is advisable that you paint the ones you have in different colors, leave to dry for a short time, then weave together. After making this paper craft, you could have it placed on your shelf or even close to your fridge.

One of the interesting things about this paper craft idea is that it is easy to clean and it is also simple to make.

10. Paper Superhero Cuffs;

Are you obsessed about a superhero? What other ways can you show your obsession than making paper superhero cuffs with their symbols on it? With your cardboards and glue, you are able to make these handcuffs. Currently, there are a number of superheroes that wear handcuffs, and they include; Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Batman, etc.

If you have paper rolls that have been decorated with stars and other symbols, they could just be the perfect paper to use for this idea. This papercraft takes less time, and it is easier to clean and discard.

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