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Product Reviews

Acrylic Paint Markers

“I bought these for the kids at
Christmas and they haven’t
stopped using them since.”

Synthetic Brushes

“I bought these for the kids at
Christmas and they haven’t
stopped using them since.”

Natural Bristle Brushes

My children used these to paint pictures on our rabbit house in the garden last summer. These are also good for drawing on normal paper or plastic and glass too. Easy to use, I’d certainly buy another lot in the future as they are great for different school tasks too.

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We’re a family-owned business looking to spark your creative side and supply you with top-tier arts and craft supplies, so that you can enjoy the process of making, doing, and creating with the whole family. For us, nothing is more important than helping families spend time together doing things that they love, because for us, that’s exactly how we like to live our lives.
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At Hayroo, we’re focused on selecting and developing high-quality art supplies, crafting supplies, and the like to make creative activities fun and enjoyable for families again, while also ensuring that our customers secure the very best value. For each of our products, from markers, to paint brushes, to paper and canvases, we’re constantly striving to choose the most durable and long-lasting products for our customers, so that they can rest assured knowing that when they make an investment in Hayroo products, they’re receiving products that are built to last.

Our Fool-Proof Test

As a family-owned business, we understand just how crucial durability becomes with the products that we buy for
our children. Why? Because every parent knows what it feels like to purchase something for your children, only to
find it broken or damaged in no time at all! When it comes to sparking the creative minds of your family, don’t settle
for anything less than the highest-quality supplies.

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